Transportation Chapter 1 Kit

Transportation Chapter 1 Kit
Item# kt-7600

Product Description

To gain knowledge and understanding of physics principles necessary to meet this challenge, students work collaboratively on activities in which they apply concepts of kinematics as they collect and analyze data collected in investigations of speed, acceleration, velocity, and friction. These experiences engage students in the content identified in the National Science Education Standards.


  • Alligator Clip Leads
  • Single Battery Holder For D-Cell
  • Battery, D-Cell
  • AA Battery For Toy Car
  • Toy Car, Battery Operated
  • Toy Car, Moveable Wheels
  • Locking Device For Wheels of Cart
  • Dynamics Cart-Frictionless PASCO GoCar
  • Graph Paper Pad of 50 Sheets
  • Right Angle Clamp (To Replace Crossarm)
  • Miniature Bulb, Light
  • Bulb Base for Miniature Screwbase
  • Ruler, 1'
  • Ringstand
  • Stick, Meter, 100 cm, Hardwood
  • Starting Ramp For Lab Cart
  • Sandpaper, Fine Square
  • Ball of String, 225 ft Stopwatch
  • Switch, Spst.
  • 3/8" X 12" Aluminum Rod (To Replace Crossarm)
  • Tracks To Accommodate Toy Car
  • Tape, Double Stick, Piece
  • Heavy Duty Turntable
  • Wood Block, Small
  • Wood Wedge, 20 Degree Angle
  • 27 qt. Plastic Storage Container