SEMPCO, INC. has been working in educational curriculum development and product manufacturing for over 30 years. We create science and mathematics manipulatives for school districts, classrooms and more throughout the country.

Over the years, we have manufactured equipment and supplies for many different projects including major NSF (National Science Foundation) funded programs. We have also created a variety of custom and textbook specific curriculum kits.

Located in Nashua, New Hampshire, our large warehouse and production space allows us to work on curriculum development, prototype design, woodworking, metal fabricating, plastic fabricating, vacuum forming, electrical and electronic assemblies, silk-screening, kit building and general packaging. We also use manufacturing affiliated factories overseas.

Below are some of the past programs we have designed and developed products for:

DSM IITM, EarthCommTM, ESSTM, IESTM (Investigating Earth Systems), SAPATM, SCISTM, IPSTM, ISCPTM, STCTM, FOSS@, STC/MSTM, FOSS@ Middle School Courses, INSIGHTS, Quintessential You (QU), Science, Tobacco & You, TERC, STEM and many more.

“Fractal in Nature (NSF)”, IPSTM, ISCSTM, Project Physics, PSSC, “Active Physics (NSF)TM”, MagLab: Alpha, and others.

CORD@, Investigation in Number, Data and Space@ (TERC/NSF), “Math Trail BlazersTM. TIMSTM (Teaching Integrated Math and Science) and more.

We have also collaborated on projects with a variety of institutions including the NSRC (National Science Resource Center), the Lawrence Hall of Science, the its About Time@ publishers, the AGI (American Geological Institute@), the Boston University Physics Department, the University of Chicago Mathematics Department, the TERC “inquiry Science” kits for 3rd, 4th & 5th grade level, S.T.E.M. (Science, Technology & Mathematics) equipment kits for the CSC (Connecticut Science Center) grade 6, 7 & 8, “City Technology” take home inquiry science kits for the City College of NY, the CIRD (Center for Integrated Research & Development) at NHMFL (National High Magnetic Field Lab, an NSF lab) at FSU, the Lesley University and the Walden University’s online science education and many others.

Our distributors include: Nasco, ETA-Cuisenaire, Hubbard Scientific, VWR/Sargent Welch/Science Kit/Ward’s, School Specialty/Frey Scientific/Delta Education/Neo-Sci, Carolina Biological, Lakeshore Learning, Arbor Scientific, Chem Scientific, New Horizon Scientific, Prolab, Aquapheonix and many others.

Should you have any questions or want to learn more about Sempco, Inc. please feel free to contact us.

Dong-Sup Ro


P.O. Box 3262
Nashua, NH 03061

Phone 603.889.1830
Fax 603.889.1766