Spectral Analysis Kit

Spectral Analysis Kit
Item# KT-9143

Product Description

Introduces students to the spectroscope as a useful analytic tool. Students observe and record the colors that occur when different compounds, placed on loops of stainless steel wire, are held in a flame. They assemble their own grating spectroscopes and observe spectral lines emitted by fluorescent lamps, neon lights, and other common light sources.

Kit contents for (24 students):

  • 24 spectroscopes
  • 15 wooden handles
  • 5 stainless steel wire
  • 1, 5-gram sample each of: Calcium Chloride Potassium Lithium Chloride Potassium Nitrate Sodium Bicarbonate Sodium Chloride Strontium Nitrate Cupric Chloride Cupric Nitrate