Ripple Tank (W/Power Supply)

Ripple Tank (W/Power Supply)
Item# RH-2401A

Product Description

A uniquely designed ripple tank containing its own built-in power supply to regulate the high intensity light source as well as variable speed control for the ripple motor.

The newly designed 12 VDC high intensity light source provides excellent illumination even if the room is not darkened. A plastic projection screen included. The hand strobe included aids in wave measurements. The light bar, legs, and ripple bar are aluminum and fully adjustable for best definition of waves.

phenomena associated with wave propagation in a plane. By making observations of the ripple tank, evidence is obtained that shows waves undergo reflection, refraction, dispersion, and diffraction. The analogy between the behavior of water waves and the behavior of light is so strong that it suggests that light may be propagated as a wave disturbance of some sort. The principles may also be applied to other forms of wave energy such as sound, microwave and radio waves. The extensive manual included with the apparatus includes an introduction, parts list, and instructions for assembly and use of the hand stroboscope, and the following suggested investigations:

  • Propagating straight and circular waves
  • Wavelength, frequency, and velocity
  • Reflection
  • Refraction
  • Diffraction
  • Interference

    The tank is constructed of a rugged polystyrene frame and glass plate for maximum optical clarity. Built-in dampers and a newly designed eccentric on the ripple motor provide ideal waves for both low and highspeed operation, without stalling or unwanted vibrations.

    Tank size: 56 X 35.5 cm Plate size: 31 X 43.5 cm