Predictions Chapter 2 Kit

Predictions Chapter 2 Kit
Item# kt-8001

Product Description

To develop understanding of the laws of motion and the science principles of inquiry necessary to meet this challenge, students work collaboratively on activities to learn about the affects of force on common motions. These experiences engage students in the following content identified in the National Science Education Standards.


  • Balls with Different Masses
  • Large Balloon
  • Stackable Traffic
  • Dynamics Cart- Frictionless PASCO GoCAR
  • Glue Stick
  • Goggles, Splashproof
  • Graph Paper Pad of 50 Sheets
  • Puck, Air
  • Notebook of Paper
  • Foam Pad, Protective 12x 12x
  • Rubber Stopper w/ 1-Hole
  • Rubber Bands, Large
  • Stick, Meter, 100 cm, Hardwood
  • Scale, Bathroom
  • Scissors
  • Spring Scale, 0-50 Newtons
  • Drinking Straw
  • Ball of String
  • Stopwatch
  • Ticker Tape, Roll
  • Tape, Masking, 3/4x60 yds.
  • Ticker Tape Timer, AC Timer
  • Washers, Large
  • 66 Quart Clear Plastic Container