Investigating Pond Water

Investigating Pond Water
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Product Description

(Grades 4-6) Investigate what kinds of living organisms are in your local pond. With a simple microscope, collecting jars, test tubes with stand, dip net, thermometer, dropper, well slides and small amounts of sample collection from your local pond, students will be able to study what live organisms pond water will support. Includes instruction guide.


  • Aquarium
  • Bucket
  • Children's guide: Fish or Foul
  • Collecting jar, glass
  • Cover slips
  • Culture tube, 6
  • Dropper
  • Gloves, rubber, disposable
  • Lables
  • Microscope
  • Parent Guide
  • Slides, depression
  • Slides, standard
  • Thermometer, aquarium
  • Tube holder, wooden