Investigating Simple Electricity

Investigating Simple Electricity
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Product Description

(Grades 4-8) By connecting a bell with alligator clip leads and batteries into a different arrangement, students will understand the parallel circuit and series circuit. Which circuit will provide more energy to ring the bell and why? A switch is included to test each circuit. The bell is designed to show the internal operations of the bell for added learning of magnetic coils in action. Guide included.

Included in Kit:
  • Adult Guide
  • Board with battery holder, bulb holder, and switch
  • Battery, "D" cell
  • Battery, 16 volt, lantern
  • Cartoon, "Electron man"
  • Children's guide: Ely-Try-Finding-Rings
  • Doorbell
  • Screwdriver, small
  • Wire cutters
  • Wire, insulated, roll