Home Chapter 2 Kit

Home Chapter 2 Kit
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Product Description

To gain understanding of the content necessary to meet this challenge, students collaborate on activities in which they learn about electromagnetic motors, how electricity is generated, the use of wind to generate electricity, and the relative efficiency of different appliances. These experiences engage students in the content identified in the National Science Education Standards.


  • Alligator Clip Leads Beaker, 250 mL
  • Beaker, 1 L
  • Blinking Bulb
  • Set Sample Electric Bills
  • Calculator, Basic
  • Cylinder, Graduated, 100 mL
  • Generator, Hand-Operated W/Wire Leads
  • Hot Plate, Electric
  • Heater, Electric Immersion
  • Miniature Light Bulb
  • Bulb Base For Miniature Screwbase
  • Rod, Stirring 5
  • Pad Of Coarse Grade Steel Wool
  • Stopwatch
  • Switch, Spst
  • Thermometer
  • 27 Quart Clear Storage Container