Grade-4 Everyday Math Kit w/o Chalkboards

Grade-4 Everyday Math Kit w/o Chalkboards
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Product Description

Everyday Mathematics was developed through the University of Chicago School Mathematics Project (UCSMP) for on e reason: To enable children in elementary grades to learn more and become better mathematical thinkers -- everyday A strong partnership was formed among researchers, mathematics educators, administrators, students and classroom teachers.

The National Science Foundation, Amoco, GTE, and other leading corporations supported through substantial funding.

Everyday Mathematics begins with the premise that young children can, and must, learn more mathematics than has been expected from them in the past. This premise is based on the research the UCSMP author team undertook prior to writing the curriculum. Here's what they found:

  • International studies show U.S. students learning much less mathematics than students in other countries.
  • Children are capable of learning more mathematics in a richer curriculum.
  • All children can be successful mathematical thinkers.
  • Mathematics is meaningful to children when it is varied, rich, and rooted in real world problems and applications.
  • The typical mathematics curriculum is arithmetic-driven, slow paced with isolated instruction, and broad without depth.
  • The Everyday Mathematics instructional design was carefully crafted to maximize student learning. Highlights include:
  • High expectations for all students
  • Concepts and skills developed over time and in a wide variety of contexts
  • Balance among mathematics strands
  • Dynamic applications
  • Multiple methods and solutions
  • Everyday Mathematics was extensively field tested for one full year per grade level
  • Based on teacher feedback, revisions were made prior to publication.

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