Electrostatic Box

Electrostatic Box
Item# EH-6000

Product Description

This easy and educational demonstration of electrostatic principles is a box full of science fun. The kit comes with a 33 X 33 X 5 cm wooden box, a clear plastic top, several graphite-coated pith balls and a piece of rabbit fur. Place some of the balls inside the box, cover, rub the top of the box with the rabbit fur or your hand, and watch the balls start to jump as the electrostatic charge is transferred to them!

But there’s more – additional balls placed on top of the box will seemingly jump away from the balls in the box, demonstrating repulsion of like charges. And, if you rub your hand across one half of the plastic top, and then try to push the balls into the newly charged zone, the balls always bounce back!

Instructions, complete with scientific background and activities, are included.