Air Track Lab Manual

Air Track Lab Manual
Item# MH-7059

Product Description

This manual contains a set of questions that relate to several series of Air Track experiments. The experiments cover a wide range of activities from the very simple to the quite complex. Questions presented in the manual have been written to allow the student to explore various curricular paths and to foster creative and original thinking and working habits. In order to encourage student exploration and scientific inquiry, the customary step by step, "cookbook" method has been abandoned. Detailed instructions have been avoided in order that the creative initiative resides with the student. Physical theories are not presented in the manual and are assumed to discussed in the course text. It is, naturally, at teachers' discretion to provide as detailed instructions as they deem appropriate.

Most experiments can be accomplished with the accessories included in the Air Track (AH-7054 or AH 7054S) package but some additional materials have been added which require simple accessories available in most physics labs.