Air Table, Deluxe

Air Table, Deluxe
Item# AH-7002

Product Description

This Air table is an upgraded version from the regular air table, Made with a PVC base, it comes with an air source.

  • No assembly required. Just plug it in
  • Height adjustable for leveling
  • Contains a built in air supply located on the bottom (not the side) for superior air distribution
  • Acoustically insulated bottom air chamber constructed of extremely durable wood for appearance, noise control, and durability.
  • Adjustable feet prevents table "walking" and better leveling
  • Arrives completely assembled, including factory installed bumper wire
  • Contents include set of four pucks, set of three springs, hook and loop fastener, tension adjustable bumper wire surrounding the table
  • Seven threaded inserts for easy attachment of puck launcher and other accessories directly to table surface
  • Grey and black table surface for deluxe model allows enhanced photographs of pucks
  • Dimensions: 60 cm x 81 cm
  • Operates on standard 117V 60 HZ (220V available)